Media Schools

Media Schools

The Media School, organized by Kaos GL Association, is a program of workshops planned in various thematic literary fields. The participants discuss the construction and ethics of the process from the will to write to the publication, in the workshops where they are interactively involved. News writing techniques, creative writing, and video activism are the main topics of the program.

The Media School program aims to encourage LGBTI+'s to write and to increase anti-discrimination media by bringing together volunteer reporters and writers. From the production of the news to the diversification of creative writing, the idea is that "anyone can write" in the workshops held cumulatively in different fields.

The Media School program is organized annually by the Kaos GL Association in various selected cities and open to local participation.

LGBTI+'s, activists, writers, reporters, illustrators, and photographers can participate in the Media School program.

Volunteering to monitor the LGBTI+ agenda and events in the city of residence and write news about them to is enough to attend the school. We expect people who attend the Media School to produce at least 3 content per month to We won't turn you away if you write or draw more than that.

Participants in the program then create a work schedule by joining the Kaos GL Voluntary Correspondent Network. Together with the media and communication program, it organizes trainings in specific areas (e.g. litigation monitoring, Oral History). As a result of these trainings, small work teams of the Correspondent Network are formed.