KaosGL.org Online Newspaper

KaosGL.org Online Newspaper

KaosGL.org; is an internet newspaper that provides daily newscast as part of the Kaos GL Association's struggle to improve LGBTI+ rights. It is guided by rights-oriented journalism principles. It has been publishing for more than a decade, focused on LGBTI+ rights.

Publication policy

*KaosGL.org; Conducts LGBTI+ rights-oriented journalism. It avoids violating fundamental rights and freedoms and adopts a publication policy that strengthens access to rights.

*Does not publish news contrary to human, environmental and animal rights. It follows international human rights conventions.

*Conveys news without distortion and censorship.

*Does not allow manipulation of news, interviews, speeches, and quotations from statements.

*The persons mentioned in the article are not presented as stereotypes, statements that judge them are excluded, statements that include insult beyond the limits of criticism are not used.

*The news does not contain any statement that stigmatize, condemn, and degrade the race, ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, genre, age, appearance, disability status, health, political opinion, belief, lifestyle, economic and social level. This principle is a very clear one and is updated in accordance with the areas of discrimination.

*KaosGL.org refers to the sources in the news.

*News sources with information and documents provided with the condition of not to be disclosed are not disclosed unless the source itself allows it. KaosGL.org respects the right to privacy.

*KaosGL.org reporters try to get the opinion of all parties of the case when needed. If one of the parties refrains from giving an opinion, it shares this with its readers.

*It does not publish the information without investigating or validating its accuracy. It strives to verify the allegations of violence and infringement. Publishes as a claim at the point it can't verify.

*KaosGL.org aims to strengthen LGBTI+ journalists, journalist candidates, and young reporters. It cooperates in this direction.

*KaosGL.org; takes into account the opinions, suggestions, comments, and criticisms of its readers regarding publication principles and  practice. It encourages readers to convey their opinions through web@kaosgl.org. It discusses opinions, suggestions, and criticisms on the editorial board and then returns to its readers.  It strives to build the publishing practice with its readers.

Publication process

By saving the article you wrote as a Word document; you can send it to web@kaosgl.org with the image you want to be published. From the time your article reaches us, our editors will return within 3 working days. They will inform you if the return time is extended.

Your article goes through our editorial team's reading after you reach us. Our editors assess whether your article is newsworthy and whether it complies with KaosGL.org’s editorial principles. If your article is newsworthy for Kaos GL and complies with the publishing principles, we will contact you to open an author profile and publish your article. If your article has an expression that does not conform to our editorial policies or is able to be published with minor changes, we ask you to make these changes.