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LGBTI+ Refugee Self-Care Handbook

AdıLGBTI+ Refugee Self-Care Handbook
Yayım Tarihi21 Mayıs 2020
YazarKaos GL
Sayfa Sayısı19

Being LGBTI+ and a refugee at the same time may lead to experiencing various life difficulties on its own. These difficulties may have become more apparent and troublesome to you during the Covid-19 Pandemic affecting the whole world. Due to being a refugee and LGBTI+, you may be experiencing more discrimination and exclusion than ever before in this period. You may be subject to stigmatization based on the country you came from due to Covid-19. Or, you may not be able to get the help you need because you are LGBTI+ and a refugee. Experiencing these things because of your identity may have become more upsetting and difficult for you than ever before.