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TRAILS - Hacking the Official History

AdıTRAILS - Hacking the Official History
Yayım Tarihi17 Aralık 2019
YazarKaos GL
Sayfa Sayısı112

The entry of the memory issue into my agenda coincides with the days whenwe talked about oral history at Kaos GL. We were able to conduct the oral historystudy in 2018, which we started talking about in 2014. We’ve been studying oralhistory for two years. With each new interview, we participate in the story of asingular life. Each story opens a new door and invites us to a new world. Andwhen we accept that invitation, it takes us for a stroll through the unknown geographiesof that world. At each interview, I feel like we’re listening to songs aboutheartbeats, headaches, hand tremors, first thrills, dreams, disappointments,shame, embarrassment, pride, anger, compassion, compassion.