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Regional Network Against Homophobia/ 1

AdıRegional Network Against Homophobia/ 1
Yayım Tarihi19 Aralık 2011
YayıneviKaos GL
Sayfa Sayısı92

Regional Network Against Homophobia book is the publication of the 6th International Meeting Against Homophobia hosted by Kaos GL Association. The International Meeting took place for the first time in Ankara in 2006; the 6th Meeting was held in 2011 in 17 cities and 19 campuses in Turkey. The main event of 2011’s Meeting was the first Regional Network Against Homophobia with the participation of Croatia, Bosnia - Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. The contens of this book include articles by the participating organizations as well as the works done by experts in regard to the agenda of the LGBT movement in Turkey. This publication is in distribution free of charge. The contens of the book can be used freely for the promotion of global human rights.