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Kaos GL Association 

The purpose of the Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association (Kaos GL) is to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans and intersex individuals in embracing libertarian values, realizing their own existence, and in cultivating themselves in order to contribute to the development of social peace and welfare together with the development of their individual, social, and cultural life and behavior.

Kaos GL conducts cultural, educational, artistic, sports or similar activities to endorse achievements to be done in this framework so that LGBT individuals may embrace freedom, justice and peace as their fundamental values; additionally they may conceive human rights as the rights of all human beings without making discrimination based on language, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, philosophical conviction, religion, religious sect, locality etc, and they may struggle against homophobia and transphobia in every aspect of life.

Kaos GL, celebrating its official foundation date as to the publication of the first issue of Kaos GL Magazine in September 1994, has been fighting against homophobia, transphobia, sexism, nationalism and militarism since the beginning of its establishment.

Kaos GL struggles against the problems lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex individuals encountering in the spheres such as family, education, employment, housing, law, human rights, media, health, sexual health, psychology-psychiatry, and access to goods and services.  Kaos GL Association carries out its works under the three main programs, namely Human Rights Program, Media Studies and Anti-Homophobia Activities.

Kaos GL Association’s Member Networks

Women’s Platform Against Sexual Violence, Women’s Media Monitoring Group, Constitutions Women Platform, Turkish Penalty Code Women Platform, European Women Lobby Turkey Coalition, KAHİP (Public Expenditure Monitoring Platform), LGBT Rights Platform, Coalition Of The International Criminal Court, Platform For Hate Crimes Initiative, Ankara Women’s Platform, TkMM (small National Assembly Of Turkey), Platform For Conscientious Objection Initiative, Physical and Sexual Rights a Coalition of Muslim Societies, ILGA and ILGA-Europe, IGLYO, European Women’s Lobby. Platform For Preventing Violence Against Children, Network Of Combatting Sexual Abuse To Children.

Awards and Recognitions

Kaos GL was rewarded with Solidar Silver Rose Award in 2012.

Kaos GL has UNESCO consultant status in the field of bullying in education. 

Kaos GL has Goodwill Agreement with UNHCR regarding LGBT Refugees in Turkey.

Kaos GL founder and general secretary Ali Erol was rewarded with David Kato Award.

Kaos GL was rewarded with Sappho in Paradise Award in 2010 by ILGCN.


International Meeting Against Homophobia

International Anti-Homophobia Meeting, an annual international event against homophobia and transphobia, is organized by Kaos GL since 2006 during the week of May 17.

Kaos GL Association is involved in various activities in social, cultural and academic fields for the enhancement of human rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite, Transsexual and Intersex (LGBTTI) individuals in the face of discrimination. With this event, Kaos GL aims to establish a basis to discuss and to increase the visibility of discrimination against LGBTI individuals.

17th of May, the International Day against homophobia and transphobia, is the day of acting and standing up against all acts of physical, moral or symbolic violence in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation.

International Anti-Homophobia Meeting is open to the participation of any individual who wishes to discuss the problems of LGBTI individuals and homophobia in general, and to liberate homosexuals and heterosexuals together. As a result of the webs woven in the fight against discrimination, this event has now gone beyond the borders of Ankara and reached cities all around Turkey. The meeting ends with the "March against Homophobia and Transphobia". This activity chain reaches more than 5000 people from 30 cities each year. Approximately 20.000 print materials are disseminated within the scope of these activities.

Regional Network Against Homophobia

LGBTI Network in the Middle East, the Balkans, and Caucasia

Creating the Regional Network Against Homophobia aims to provide a solidarity shelter for all individuals suffering from hate based on homophobia, transphobia, and sexism in and around Turkey. We live in a region known with its border problems and religious clashes; however, when it comes to different kinds of hate forms, there seems to be no borders or clashes. We, the LGBTIs society in Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Macedonia, Montenegro, Palestine, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey, do not stand only against heterosexism but also against nationalism and militarism that go hand in hand with heterosexism. Our regional network aims to create a ground to stand up for each other as we share similar political patterns and break mental and physical borders that separate us.

We want to live with each other, we want to live for each other!

Symposium Against Discriminations

The Symposium aims to bring visibility to the heterosexist and discriminatory attitudes and practices which LGBT individuals face in daily life, and to strengthen the human rights movement and solidarity against such discriminations. In order to strengthen the solidarity in this field, the call from Kaos GL Association expresses its urge to start a discussion of “hate crimes”, “freedom of expression and of organization” and “safety of human rights advocates” with groups exposed to different types of discriminations. 

During the symposiums on social rights, conservative policies which produce discriminatory practices and inequality on the pretexts of medicalization of sexuality, “family values”, “obscenity” and “general morality” are discussed.

Considering the apparent relation of homophobic and transphobic discrimination with violence and the current level of discriminatory violence against LGBTI people in Turkey, it is clear that the homophobic and transphobic violence should be stopped regarding its relations to hate crimes. This makes it obligatory for us to discuss discrimination in parallel with the “hate” ideology.

Human Rights Program

Kaos GL defines the fields (education, employment, housing, health psychology-psychiatry, sexual health, access to goods and services) as discrimination fields and monitors/reports law and LGBTI individual’s fundamental rights- human rights trainings-advocacy activities.

Within the scope of Human Rights Program, Kaos GL Association provides;

•         Monitoring/reporting human rights violations against LGBTI individuals

•         Legal support and counseling for LGBTI individuals

•         Media monitoring

•         Legal and social support for refugees

•         Human rights training for LGBTI individuals and civil society

•         Lobby and advocacy activities in the field of human rights, rule of law and democratization

Kaos GL is involved in the legislative and executive processes below with all possible collaboration with key official stakeholders:

o    New Constitution of Turkey

o    Anti-Discrimination and Equality Board Law of Turkey

o    Hate Crimes Law

o    Foreigners and International Protection Law

o    Amending Turkish Penal Code

o    Amending Turkish Labor Law

o    Discipline Code of Turkish Armed Forces

o    Public Inspector (Ombudsperson) Law and Institution

o    National Human Rights Institution Law

Also Kaos GL provides;

o    Monitoring EU accession process and Community Acquis of EU regarding gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and freedom of expression

o    Monitoring implementation of UN, CoE and EU conventions and dissemination of universal standards and norms to public sector, civil sector, mass media, and general society

o    Shadow reporting for intergovernmental organizations

Kaos GL also monitors and tries to take part in sample trials of Ahmet Yıldız, Baki Koşar, Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ, Pink Life Activists and related ECHR cases. 

Kaos GL Magazine and web page helps to spread the news of human rights violations against LGBTI individuals. It also helps to take place in non-homophobic, human rights-sensitive news in the mainstream media.

Monitoring, Reporting

Since 2007, Kaos GL Association conducts monitoring, documenting and reporting activities against human rights violations concerning LGBTI individuals, and it gives legal support to them. Additionally, it also organizes consultancy activities for LGBTI individuals who have suffered from human rights violations.

Kaos GL have been monitoring mass media since 2008, and reporting the activities monthly and annually. On average, 5000 news is monitored every year by Kaos GL. 

Legal Support and Counseling

Kaos GL Association provides legal support and helps to access legal mechanisms.

-      The association provides counseling and aid line via http://www.kaosgl.org/  web site.

-      The association gives advice to LGBTI individuals via hukuk@kaosgl.org e-mail address.

Each year, approximately 2000 persons are given legal and social assistance by Kaos GL.

In addition, Kaos GL implements Lawyers Network training İzmir, Diyarbakır, Adana, Mersin, and Ankara. 80 lawyers from these 5 cities and their surroundings are expected to participate in these training.

Refugee Support Program

Kaos GL conducts activities for refugees in the context of human rights monitoring, reporting, and legal support. This support is given as social and legal activities to LGBTI individuals who are coming to Turkey as a transit country. Within the scope of this program, Kaos GL communicates and cooperates with NGOs, national and international institutions which are also working in the field of immigration and human rights.

Human Rights Training Program

Human Rights Training Program conducted both for LGBT individuals and for heterosexuals defines the problems to which LGBTI individuals are exposed in the sphere of human rights in every aspect. By conducting the human rights training, regarding with the fundamental human rights concepts protectionism activities are planned. Kaos GL pursues these trainings for LGBTI organizations, individuals, other NGOs and for heterosexuals.

Kaos GL have been giving training to human rights activists, LGBTI individuals, teachers, psychosocial service workers, social workers and lawyers since 2004. In 2012, 500 persons participated into 8 different human rights educations organized by Kaos GL. 

Capacity Development Activities

Kaos GL actualizes capacity development activities and training for LGBTI organizations and LGBTI individuals in the spheres of human rights, media, immigration and law. Kaos GL conducts “Local Correspondent Network” training in relation to the human rights program within the scope of Kaos GL magazine and web site.

Kaos GL Association conducts media monitoring activities considering human rights reporting. It identifies the homophobic and discriminatory attitudes in media. It also conducts protectionism and lobbying activities considering media institutions so that LGBTI individuals may not be mistreated.

Kaos GL Magazine

Apart from all, Kaos GL Association also publishes Kaos GL Magazine. Kaos GL Magazine has been published regularly since 1994 as an independent media organ. Kaos GL Magazine embraces horizontal organization model and prepares the magazine thanks to the supports of the writing collective network. Each issue is printed 3000 copies and distributed in 24 cities. Magazines have e-versions as well.  


The KaosQ+ defines its concern as a collection of reflective practices that find their motivations in the assessment of sexual, religious, ethnic etc. identities. It also claims that the social, cultural and economic relations of modern societies are produced and reproduced by diverse power relations. Such an assessment also argues that the network of power relations, the cosmos of identities and practices are historically constructed; hence it can be traced and even reversed both at theoretical and practical levels. In this sense, the primary aim of the journal is the rejection of the approaches that view institutions, notions, relations and identities of a given period of time as static entities and interpret them within a deterministic or essentialist framework.

KaosQueer+ advocates the idea that the constructed history can be deconstructed and reconstructed, and that the dominant structures and relations of power can be questioned, challenged and transformed.

The journal invites its readers and writers to reflect together on the following questions: what sorts of structures and relations are generated by these intersecting mechanisms of power? How do these power relations determine what is valid or invalid? What ‘others’ are transformed by these mechanisms? Which individuals and groups are influenced by them, and how? How can we assess the normalizing or marginalizing effects of dominant power relations? 

Local Correspondent Network

Kaos GL develops critical approaches, politics and projects about the treatment and presentations of homosexuality within the homophobic discourse dominating media, and it makes an effort in order to make LGBTI struggle of freedom visible and “utterable.”

We want to organize meetings and training to analyze news and comments published in media where homophobic discourse is prevalent. We want to develop a more effective discourse against homophobia and to create a sphere where LGBTI reality may reveal itself freely, without being harassed and ever in need of hiding its own existence.

Whenever LGBTI identities are harassed in media news, we want to create news about it; we want to air them in independent communication channels; and we convey them to human rights organizations on an international basis.

We also want to prepare informative materials and to organize trainings about the presentation of LGBTI identity in the media to which academicians and media employees from Turkey and abroad may participate. We want to create our own news purified from homophobia for homosexuals.

We want to follow the agenda concerning homosexuality in every sphere of life such as working life, law, media, mental health, education and campus, family, military services. We want to make our own news in order to inform the heterosexuals from Turkey via Kaos GL magazine and kaosgl.org. We aim to interweave a network so that homosexuals may have the opportunity to record their own experiences in the first hand as the subjects of those problems.

In 2012, 4 separate local correspondents training were organized with the participation of 100 participants from 10 different cities.

Health Activities

Kaos GL organization focuses its health activities on areas where LGBTI individuals experience problems most crucially such as psychology-psychiatry, sexual health, and military psychiatry.

Psychology-psychiatry departments organize trainings generally on the domain of mental health for LGBTI individuals together with the specialists of the aforementioned sphere. At the moment, Kaos GL prioritizes training for psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers. Kaos GL is working on setting up national lists of the professions above for the use of LGBTI individuals all around Turkey.

In collaboration with private sector, condoms are distributed particularly to refugees and sex workers. Besides, HIV/AIDS consultancy and sexual health training are given to LGBTI people and their relatives. For example, in 2012, 80.000 condoms were distributed.  

Cultural Activities

Our cultural and artistic activities coordinator organizes weekly, monthly and annual activities in mainstream bars, theaters and other venue places for parties, concerts, stand-ups, etc.

Kaos GL Staff

There is 10 paid staff working in human rights, media, democratization and cultural programs of the association. Kaos GL’s official advisory board is consisted of 17 renowned academicians who are all experts in their fields such as psychology, psychiatry, sociology, forensics, political science, public administration, media and communication and law.

You may contact us or visit the websites below for any kind of further information: