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Human Rights Program

Kaos GL defines the fields (education, employment, housing, health psychology-psychiatry, sexual health, access to goods and services access to social services) as focus fields and monitors/reports law and LGBT individual’s fundamental rights via human rights trainings and advocacy activities. 

Within the scope of Human Rights Program, Kaos GL Association does;

·         Monitoring/reporting human rights violations against LGBT individuals

·         Legal Support and counseling for LGBT individuals

·         Media monitoring

·         Legal and social support for refugees

·         Human rights trainings for LGBT individuals and civil society

·         Lobbying and advocacy activities in the field of human rights

Kaos GL Magazine and news site helps to spread the news of human rights violations against LGBTT individuals. Also helps to take place non-homophobic, human rights-sensitive news in the mainstream media.


Kaos GL conducts monitoring, documenting and reporting activities against human rights violations concerning  LGBT individuals, gives legal support to LGBT individuals, organizes consultancy activities for LGBT individuals who have suffered human rights violations.

Legal Support and Counseling

Kaos GL provides legal support and helps to access legal mechanisms. Counseling and aid line via www.kaosgl.org web site and give advice to LGBTT individuals via hukuk@kaosgl.org e-mail address.

Refugee Support Program

Kaos GL conducts refugee activities in the context of human rights monitoring, reporting and legal support. This support is given as social and legal activities to LGBT individuals who are coming to Turkey as a transit country. Within the scope of this program, Kaos GL communicates and cooperates with NGOs, national and international institutions which are working in the field of immigration and human rights.  Kaos GL also has a goodwill agreement with UN department for refugees, UNHCR.

Human Rights Training Program

It defines the problems which LGBR individuals are exposed to in the sphere of human rights in relation to every activity, conducted both for LGBT individuals and for heterosexuals. By human rights trainings in regard with fundamental human rights concepts, human rights and protectionism activities are planned. Kaos GL pursues these trainings both for LGBT organizations, individuals and other NGOs and for heterosexuals.

Capacity Development Activities

Kaos GL actualizes capacity development activities and trainings for LGBT organizations and LGBT individuals in the spheres of human rights, media, immigration and law. It conducts “Local Correspondents Network” trainings in relation to the human rights program within the scope of Kaos GL magazine and web site.

Kaos GL Association conducts media monitoring activities considering Human Rights watch and reporting. It identifies the homophobic and discriminatory attitudes in media. It conducts protectionism and lobbying activities considering media institutions so that LGBT individuals would not be mistreated.

Kaos GL Magazine

At the same time Kaos GL publishes the Kaos GL Magazine. The Magazine has been published regularly since 1994 as the independent media organ. It embraces horizontal organization model and prepares the magazine thanks to the supports of the writing collective network. For the Kaos GL magazine, editor@kaosgl.org is the contact address.

Local Correspondents Network

Kaos GL develops critical approaches, brings about politics and projects about the treatment and presentations of homosexuality within the homophobic discourse dominating media, and make efforts in order to make LGBT struggle of freedom visible and “utterable.”

We organize meetings and trainings to analyze news and comments published in media where homophobic discourse is prevalent. We develop a more effective discourse against homophobia and create a  sphere where LGBT reality may reveal itself freely, without being harassed, without ever in need of hiding its own existence.

Whenever LGBT identities are harassed in media news, we create news about it and air them in independent communication channels and convey to human rights organizations on an international basis. We prepare informative materials and organize trainings about the presentation of LGBT identity in media to which academicians and media employees from Turkey and abroad may participate. We want to create our own news purified from homophobia for homosexuals.

We want to follow the agenda concerning homosexuality, from media to the street, in every sphere of life such as Working Life, Law, LGBT Rights, Mental Health, Education and Campus, Family, Military Service, we want to make our own news in order to inform the heterosexuals from Turkey, by presenting those news in Kaos GL magazine and kaosgl.org. We aim to interweave a network so that homosexuals may have the opportunity to record their own experiences first hand as the subjects of those problems.

Health Activities

Kaos GL focuses its health activities on areas where LGBT individuals experience problems most crucially such as psychology-psychiatry, sexual health and military psychiatry.

Psychology-psychiatry are trainings generally in the domain of mental health both for LGBT individuals and for specialists together with the specialists of the aforementioned sphere. Concerning sexual health, in 2006, we conducted the Rainbow Project together with the Ministry of Health, and “Man to Man Project” together with Positive Life Association in 2010. Kaos GL Association regularly distributes free condom-lubricant and organizes consultancy activities for preventing diseases.