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Terms of Reference




The association’s name, center and opening of its branch

Article 1 - The association’s name is "Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association. Its short name is Kaos GL.

The association’s center is in Ankara. It can open branches in Turkey’s provinces or regions, which cover more than one province. The Central Executive Board decides opening of the branches.

The association’s purpose and fields of activity:

Article 2 - The association’s purpose:

The purpose of the Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association (Kaos GL) is to support homosexual women and men to embrace libertarian values, realize their homosexual existence and cultivate themselves to contribute to the development of social peace and welfare with their individual, social and cultural life and behavior.

The association itself conducts activities in culture, education, arts, sports and others to help homosexual women and men to accept freedom, justice and peace as fundamental values, and see human rights as the rights of all humans without discriminating on language, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, philosophical conviction, religion, religious tradition or region and struggle against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in all walks of life, and the association tries to support those who work for those purposes in every way.

a) To prepare homosexual women and men as critical, enterprising and productive individuals; and to contribute emergence of democratic attitudes that are competent with the values of science, culture and civilization.

b) To turn homosexual women and men into productive people and join the society in social, cultural, economic, political and similar areas; to find out homosexuals’ conditions, attitudes and behavior, ideas, tendencies, problems and demands; and to ensure that they undertake an effective role in ultimate decision making processes.

c)To ensure a more effective, guiding and responsible participation of homosexual women and men into professional and social life.

d)To organize activities to educate and inform people on homosexuals and homosexuality based on the fact that homosexuality is a sexual orientation like other sexual orientations and it is not immorality, nor a sickness or a crime.

e) To lead determination of the policies towards our country’s homosexuals and bring this to the international platform; and ensure that these policies are embraced and spread.

f) To develop existing national and international homosexual activities; explore new possibilities of cooperation and put related projects into effect.

g) To carry out informative activities world-wide (The European Union, Balkans, Eurasia, the Middle East, Mediterranean countries etc.) and to cooperate with the related institutions of these countries.

h) To work for the emergence of a dynamic and qualified homosexual movement, which is open to the world and which can continuously renew itself in line with the fast-changing conditions of our times.

i) To gather homosexuals and homosexual groups at local-national-international platforms and to help them know each other, and involve in mutual transfer of information and technology and as a result they give rise to a democratic change and development.

j) To contribute to the process of the European Union-Turkey relations, which is an important step in Turkey’s integration to the world, and to ensure sustained communication by reinvigorating network of information and cooperation between homosexuals and homosexual groups.

k) To carry out activities for winning, preserving and developing homosexual rights across the country; to spread, guide and pursue studies on social, cultural and economic rights of homosexual women and men, and to convey their assessments on this subject to the related institutions and form a public opinion.

l) To encourage and support scientific studies on homosexuality, and ensure publication and spread of such studies, and to cooperate with the institutions to set up Gay-Lesbian Studies Departments in universities.

m) To conduct studies on the problems of homosexual women and men in areas such as family, education, academic life, work life, military service, prison, judiciary, media, sexual health and mental health, and to carry out studies on the rights violations they face. To make suggestions and warnings to the related institutions on these issues, and make efforts to create a public awareness.

To work against sexual orientation discrimination and homophobic attitudes and practices in psychiatry and psychology. To pursue ethical rules on patient rights and relations between the patient/client and psychiatrist/psychologist, to follow implementation of the rules, and to resort to the Turkish Psychiatry Association, Turkish Psychologists Association and Turkish Physicians Union when the rules are ignored.

o) To carry out work against putting gay and lesbian youth in psychology and psychiatry clinics with enforcement from the institutions such as family, school administration, or dormitory administration etc. and/or to carry out work against putting the youth under medical, psychological and psychiatric interventions, and to follow the interventions, to report them and make the necessary legal and scientific attempts when necessary.

To work against stigmatization of gay and lesbian youth in cooperation with the social service experts and their exclusion, isolation, facing physical violence, forced medical examination, forced marriages, forced migration, and to be driven away from their houses or dormitories; and to leave them without economic, cultural and social rights

r) To pursue recognition and _expression of homosexuals and homosexuality in judiciary, laws and professional regulations as a crime, illness, immorality, indecency, obscene etc, and to pursue victims and right violations, and to report them, and to work against sexual orientation discrimination in the law and professional regulations, and against homophobic attitude and practices.

s) To work for removing sexual orientation discrimination from education policies, curriculum and textbooks. To pursue discriminatory, homophobic attitude and practices towards gay and lesbian youth in middle schools, and to report such practices, and to develop options and policies to work with the National Education Ministry, education unions, psychological advisor and teachers.

t) To pursue the curriculum and applications against handling, presenting and teaching homosexual orientation as a psycho-sexual deviation or pathology in the psychiatry and psychology education in the academies, and to convey evaluations to the related institutions when necessary.

u) To pursue rewriting and implementation of the work life laws to include sexual orientation discrimination, and to report discriminatory practices, and to encourage gay and lesbian workers and civil servants to join the union struggle against sexual orientation discrimination, and support them in every possible ways.

v) To cooperate in coherence with the rules determined in the Law of Associations with the associations, unions, foundations and institutions both in our country and overseas on mental health, sexual health, education, human rights, law, family, media-communication, social service, and work life, and to create joint work for shared purposes.

y) To contribute to improvement of dialogue between the cultures, and develop mutual understanding and tolerance.

z) To play an active role in creating a global partnership between homosexuals of the whole world for a better future; and contribute to establishment of peace and justice in the world.


Duties of the Association:

Article 3- The association carries out the following actions for its members and the public in parallel with the purposes stated in the second article:

a) To carry out all kinds of social, cultural, and scientific activities necessary to realize the association’s purposes.

b) To inform the public on the association’s purposes and/or works through the media, and express the association’s views in public.

c) To organize scientific meetings, panels, seminaries, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, festivals, performances, shows, courses, congresses, workshop groups, and contests and to take part in organizing such events, and to carry out education works.

d) To publish magazines, bulletins, VCDS, web page, brochure, and books.

e) To open and operate education institutions, classes and dormitories for meeting its members’ education requirements, and to contribute to them.

f) To open and operate popular meeting spots, entertainment facilities, exhibition halls, and bookshops to meet its members’ social needs and improve communication and solidarity between them.

g) To organize activities such as balls, meals, concerts, picnics and journeys in order to raise funds for the association, and to support social relations and communication between the members.

h) To carry out researches and studies through the members or experts to realize the association’s purposes and work themes, to determine suggestions and wishes and to publicize these through all broadcasting means.

i) To purchase, sell and rent the necessary movable and immovable goods for its office and purposes and work themes, and to document all its rights on the movable and immovable assets, operate them and to make all kinds of construction work.

j) To establish economic, commercial and commercial businesses, partnerships, foundations and charity groups to raise the funds required realizing the association’s purposes.

k) To collect, take and give donation and aid in coherence with the Law of Collecting Charity, and related regulations and the association’s internal law in order to realize the purposes and work themes, and to accept conditional and unconditional testament.

l) To carry out joint activities with other associations, unions, foundations, individuals, institutions etc to realize the purposes and work themes in line with the regulations.

m) To accept duty as the representative of the gay and lesbian community and/or to send members in the boards to be formed with the institutions working in the Ministry of Health and/or sexual health and mental health.

n) To set up commissions to realize the association’s purposes in order to pursue the existing situation and operation in family, education, universities, law, work life, media-communication, military, prison, sexual health, mental health etc, to carry out work for homosexuals’ cultural, social and economic rights and develop proposals, support and publish judicial and scientific studies.

o) To set up international work and cooperation commissions to form regional and global partnership among the world’s homosexuals.

Membership in International Associations

Article 4 - The association can become a member of the associations working in the fields such as international cultural, academic and/or gay-lesbian rights by fulfilling the legal requirements if it deems that cooperation is beneficial, and can carry out joint work and act with solidarity in material and spiritual terms.